Ethereum base Tokens Creation

We have specialised team of programmers who are experts in Ethereum blockchain technology. Ethereum is much younger crypto currency then Bitcoin and many other but yet has gained second position as per market capitalisation. The reason behind this success of Ethereum is flexibility it provides in coding. One can create an blockchain based customised app as per their own requirement.

We can provide following solution’s in Etehreum Blockchain

ICO : ICO is “Initial Coin Offering” which is similar to IPO we have in our share market. Only difference is this decentralised global platform for raising funds for your idea or cause using Ethereum blockchain technology.

DAO : The DAO “DEMOCRATIC AUTONOMOUS ORGANIZATION” is an objective to provide a new decentralized business model for organizing both commercial and non-profit enterprises using Ethereum blockchain.

Ethereum Based Wallet services wherein we can setup your own private node on our server and you can start any custom app based on ethereum.



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