“A smart contract is a computer protocol intended to digitally facilitate, verify, or enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract.”   — Ameer Rosic on the Blockgeeks blog

What is a smart contract on the blockchain?

A smart contract automatically enforces a contract between two parties, with a credible digital ledger, all without the need for third parties.

Basically, code is injected into the blockchain, and it is automatically enforced without any need for user intervention or third-party verification.

For example, with Ethereum smart contracts, the code lives at an address on the Ethereum network and can receive, hold, and release funds.

Smart contracts are frequently considered cryptocurrencies “killer app” because they have the potential to replace traditional contracts.

Benefits of Deploying Marketing Plan in Smart Contract ?

As mentioned above Smart Contract is pre-defined software code deployed on EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) which is open source and decentralized in nature, that is why any business plan or business logic created on smart contract is much trustworthy as well as it reduces human interference in critical financial logics which can be executed based on predefined conditions.

Features of Plan Running on Smart Contract

  • Avoid Manual Errors
  • Trustested Executions of Transactions
  • Autonomous Execution
  • No Human Interference or Partiality
  • Saves huge amount of manpower as well as associated resources.
  • You can concentrate on marketing & business development
  • Participants & Parties Trust you more due to decentralized nature.

What type of Applications can be deployed on Smart Contract ??

You can think of any idea or business concept and we shall deploy it in smart contact as well as integrate it with your existing application which will increasing your potential clients. Possibilities are endless with ever evolving blockchain technology and specially with smart contracts.

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